online bay

OnlineBay™ is a leading edge omnichannel front system, suitable for online automation of the contract relationship with the client: e.g. online banking, customer profile for  insurance, telecom profile and settings management, industry client self-service and even farmer relationship management in agriculture. Featuring:

  • Omni-channel operation
  • Centralized product control
  • KYC, personal profile management
  • Modern slick UI/UX
  • Microservice architecture
  • Open REST API
  • Guaranteed operational safety, PCI/DSS certification readiness

Online Bay UI/UX

Online Bay features modern slick UI/UX, that is convenient and pleasure to use. UI/UX will be modified as required during the implementation project, as per customer business flow, brand book, colors and styles. Few screenshots as an example:


Figure1: example of access to the bank products and services for the customers online


Figure 2: Example of personal profile management


Figure 3: Example of night skin


Online Bay has been designed according to the most modern Microservices architecture principles and with the tightest security in mind. Solution  is multidimensionally scalable. All core services have been designed in the form of separate Microservices, featuring REST API to communicate with the other modules of the system and external world.


Figure 4: Online Bay internal architecture

This approach enables the following benefits:

  • Improved scalability, gradual deployment process
  • Easier QA – services are smaller and faster to test
  • Fault isolation – service failure doesn’t mean the whole system failure (may not be valid for some services like Auth for example)
  • Elimination of long-term commitment to a technology stack – microservices can operate and the system expansion can be done with more advanced technologies in the future


Please let us know, if you want to learn more about Online Bay: