Omnichannel approach

No need to describe what omnichannel is — must have nowadays. We live mobile, very often not having enough time to complete the activities that we started, we probably want to continue on another type of device, or maybe in few hours after the flight.

omnichannel small

Every sort of device has it’s benefits. Mobile is more useful to perform simpler activities on the run, but it is always better to use large screen of the computer or iPad to see the account statement. Support is more cost-efficient in the web channel though…


Also, we use different devices in different life situations, where physical and security conditions may be totally different:

channels small

Omnichannel is the industry-standard design principle for the modern systems and solutions, it has been one of our top product priorities since many years.

We spend quite a lot of time on UI/UX and create beautiful interfaces for every channel, to make sure users have the best experience, no matter what sort of device they are using to accomplish their tasks.

Interfaces for various devices, for different conditions like night and day, for example.



Please let us know if you want to know more about #digitalharbour omnichannel products: