e-Purse™ is an e-Wallet, a light transaction processing system, a perfect solution for simple legally uncomplicated tasks like loyalty bonus processing, e-money processing, e-money distribution and acquiring. Featuring:

  • Multi-currency and multi-tenancy
  • e-Money exchange and transfers
  • protected payment card data storage
  • integration with banks and merchants
  • e-money acquiring support
  • SOA, modular composition
  • Guaranteed secure operation, PCI/DSS certification ready
  • Suitable to operate as a “light core banking” for simple products like e-money or loyalty bonus transaction processing

e-Purse is providing following functionality:

open/close e$ purses for customers/merchants/agents
voucher purses (with no top-up)
e$ issue and settlement
e$-transaction processing
multi-e$-currency (multitenancy)
e$-currency exhange and exchange rule setting
clearing between e$-issuers
various ways for purse top-up: kiosks, cards, bank branch cashier, retail
payments towards merchants and agents, mass register payments
e$-acquiring, various payment method aggregation, escrow function
transaction hold within the system
transaction reversal (dependent on legislation and regulations)
integration layer for linkage with various external systems
card processing integration for card linkage and prepaid/gift products
loyalty functionality (bonuses is e$ essentially)
comprehensive reporting, international and local compliance


e-Purse is essentially a back-end system, a custom interface is being developed for each client. e-Purse needs three faces: sysadmin interface, client and merchant interfaces.


Figure 1. e-Purse administration dashboard


Figure 2. slick and functionally rich e-Purse client profile management screen


The service architecture scheme displaying various possible connections and configurations of the e-money infrastructure is show on the below scheme with two e-money issuer banks and few merchants.


Figure 3. e-Purse service architecture

General comments to the architecture:

  • Processing center is integrated with the bank(s) via web-services HTTPS TSL1,2 – secured channel
  • When the issue or settlement transaction is happening, e-money processing side is immediately reflecting the results on the user wallet(s)
  • the issue or settlement transaction will also generate a notification, that will be sent via web services to the Core Banking System. There is a choice of action on core banking side: if legislation requires an immediate reserve of e-money with cash, then simultaneous transaction must be executed: debit cash/credit e-money reserve account. If there is no requirement of an immediate reservation, the bank may establish certain transaction volume limits and execute clearing between cash and reserve overnight, or upon reaching transaction volume. Implementation of both options is the subject for respective integration phase
  • e-Purse will provide all needed reporting for the banks on both issue and settlement transactions. It will also provide transaction history for the individual wallet owners, both clients and merchants.

Multi-currency and multi-tenancy

e-Purse accounts are multi-currency by design. Which means possibility to process the e-money or bonuses from separate issuers simultaneously. Which means, multi-tenancy as the next level. The following scheme is self-explanatory, it shows how exactly multi-tenancy is operating within the e-Purse.


Figure 4. Multi-tenancy

e-Purse has been designed according to the most modern SOA architecture principles and with the tightest security in mind.

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