#digitalharbour for Banking

#digitalharbour package complements the bank with a leading edge digital banking services, extending the bank to the full extent into the self-service channel and covering all critical areas of automation with it’s modules:

  • OnlineBay would create an amazing and convenient online branch for the bank’s clients, while keeping the IT costs down
  • e-Purse would add loyalty and e-money products to the lineup, and extend the bank services to the world of unbanked
  • AutoBPM is a digital transformation module, that serves as a process automation engine and organizes things like credit conveyor literally in minutes — no more slow decisions in back-office, processes are now fully automated and transparent


#digitalharbour suite is featuring the following set of indisputable benefits:

Modern Digital Banking

is not just about online access to accounts and balances, there’s much more to it. Along with usual components like e-Banking (OnlineBay) and e-Wallet(e-Purse), there are few other things that makes sense to discuss:


  • everything starts with lead generation and ability for the customer to register online and become the bank client, no matter what KYC rules are effective in your geography. We let the new potential clients through very quickly, then ask them to complete profile and upload important documents. It’s up to the bank and local regulations if the remotely registered prospect can become a real bank client immediately, or after an identification meeting


  • CRM support module would assist collecting your customer data, managing campaigns and promotions, offer basic services like locating bank objects, receive news and have two-way communication with the customer by various convenient means including Skype and chat


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  • e-Learning would help your clients to get used with the system interface and perform needed actions without disturbing bank employees or contact center

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  • Personal Finance Management now comes together with smart advice, based on usage of the cognitive technologies.
  • A night mode is available in the interface of the system: we’ll let you choose the skin or switch based on solar schedule.


  • AutoBPM digital transformation module builds proper process chains (e.g. credit decisions) and organize document workflow within the bank — comes along with the visual process editor and comprehensive process participant functionality


  • Product cross-sale, up-sale e-Commerce part would help motivating clients using online banking by bringing bill payments, pay by click functionality, other things depending on the local customs and habits of the clients

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  • finally, asset management including stock and cryptocurrency trading activities would help clients managing their assets online directly

Social banking

…is not mandatory about integration with the social networks, it is the new way of performing usual activities and refer to the other bank clients — by phone number, nickname or username, finally avatar picture

social_banking small

Under the hood: Architecture

#digitalharbour features modular design, which means the choice for the customers, and possibility to acquire only needed parts of the system. The main part of #digitalharbour consists of core, where the uniform set of objects is gathered through integration layer from various other internal systems of the bank, then business logic applied and resulting high level functionality is published onto PSD2-compliant RESTful Open API:


In terms of the code, system features SOA and Microservices, which means that it is highly flexible and scalable both horizontally and vertically — it is possible to clone connected modules and instances of the system as a whole.

Reliable and Secure

The system has been designed with tight security in mind: it is  is PCI/DSS and ISO27001 ready – an audit could be included in the implementation plan

security small

  • System is compliant with C2 security standard: at least login and password are required to access functionality and data
  • All significant activities within the system, including login, can be protected with OTP via SMS or synchronized electronic keys like Auth or Google.
  • N-factor authentication is built-in, by default 2-factor authentication enabled for the clients
  • Server communicates with front-ends (web, mobile) and other integrated software systems via secure channels
  • System can be integrated with any existing client’s security systems, e.g. Gamalto, or 3d-security.

If you are interested in receiving more information about #digitalharbour, or want to discuss implementation in your financial organization, please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible: