digital transformation

What is digital transformation finally? For us, it is the full automation of the enterprise internal processes, getting rid of paper and job instruction-based process management, switch to way faster and strict automated processes, organized by specially designed engines.

AutoBPM™: is a comprehensive business process automation solution, helping an enterprise to setup and maintain it’s conveyor-type tasks and workflows in a quick and easy visual way, featuring:

  • Scalable, flexible process automation engine
  • Graphic process editor
  • Convenient interface for the process owners
  • Rich administrative features including world-class roles and access rights management
  • Strict process control, no more need in job instructions
  • SOA, modular composition
  • Guaranteed operational security

AutpBPM is providing the following functionality:

Document workflow automation
Business process automation
Process design in the graphic editor
Process participant inbox with tasks to perform
Chat between process participants
Group chat between process participants
Calendar with reminders on the process tasks
Comprehensive access rights and roles management
Administration console


AutoBPM features modern slick UI/UX, that is convenient and pleasure to use. UI/UX can be modified as required per customer brand book, colors and styles. Few screenshots, to look at the interface.


Figure 1. Process participant operational interface

Example of the AutoBPM process editor screen on the figure below: process is being design graphically, each element and connection parametrized on the right side (very detailed). The shapes on the top can be also external systems (integration needed).


Figure 2. Graphic process editor.

AutoBPM has been designed according to the most modern SOA architecture principles and with the tightest security in mind.

Please let us know, if you want to learn more about AutoBPM: