Cognitive technologies

Cognitive Technologies

enable new levels of functionality and significantly improve existing routines.

cognitive use

  • Activity monitoring, alerts, reminders: even if the client didn’t setup standing order, machine is going to track the behavior patterns and try to signal in case of unusual activity or lack of activity.
  • Unbiased decisions: experiments and research has proven, that the accuracy of credit risk decisions is way more accurate with application of machine learning, compared to traditional scoring + underwriting. 80% against usual 55% — that is really impressive.
  • Face recognition, FaceID: for both security purposes and loyalty in the bank branches. «Bank recognizes the customer» — with the help of machine learning we’re able to get the centuries back in terms of personal treatment of the client and  let the branches literally «know the client by face», despite there are millions of them. And, subsequently, trigger possible actions whether on physical security side or customer service.
  • Improved search and KYC: search and classification of information are way more accurate with the application of cognitive technologies. With the help of our partners RINA Systems we will be able to improve and speed up the search of data and sort the information smarter.
  • Personalized content, omnichannel sales: based on the client behavior and usage patterns in all channels, machine will be able to learn the needs of the customer and propose most needed things at each moment.

All of the mentioned above makes the client’s life easier, impacts client satisfaction directly, and that reflects positively on the client retain rates.

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